Alan Hawkshaw

In a long and distinguished career spanning well over forty years, Alan Hawkshaw has always been at the top of his profession as one of the most in-demand studio musicians, owing to his virtuosic and sensitive technique on a variety of keyboard instruments, but most notably on the piano and Hammond organ.

As a composer, Alan Hawkshaw has written the music for more than 35 films and countless television programmes.

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Alan Hawkshaw

The Alan Hawkshaw Foundation in association with Alan Hawkshaw... David Soames... Paul Nicholas presents: Berlin the Musical



BERLIN is an exciting new Musical, set 1 year before the Berlin Wall was to be pulled down, changing the face of Europe forever. It is written by IVOR NOVELLO AWARD winner Alan Hawkshaw and David Soames (writer of the Musicals TIME and A TALE OF TWO CITIES.)

BERLIN will be presented for one night only as a World Premier Narrated Concert on the 21st September 2013 at 7pm at The Bloomsbury Theatre - 15 Gordon Street London WC1H OAH.

BERLIN will be presented by a 52 piece orchestra, a choir of 16, and narrated and sung by 6 West End singer/actors, including Paul Nicholas, John Owen-Jones, Celia Graham, James Graeme and Holly Anna-Lloyd.

BERLIN will be directed by Paul Nicholas, a name well - known to British Theatre and TV audiences. Paul was also the Co-Producer on the Musicals GREASE and SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER in London

The Concert shall also be filmed and recorded on this exciting one-off-occasion.

Alan Hawkshaw

"I was asked if I could come up with a few words about Alan Hawkshaw. Well let's start with musician. composer, arranger…then add imagination…flair, boundless enthusiasm and you will have only a thinly sketched outline of The Hawk"

Des O'Connor


The Hawk Talks (Autobiography)

Alan has been busy writing his memoirs over the past few years collating stories from many diaries and memories from a life less ordinary!

From his early childhood beginnings growing up in a modest working-class family in Leeds, through to becoming one of the UK's most successful and much loved musicians. Alan's writing is personable, riveting and hilarious… much like the man himself!

The book is available to buy on this site or via Amazon or eBay.

For further information, you can find updates about the book on facebook »

For those wanting a taste of what's to come…

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